About Irmas Fabric

Irmas Fabric is a new Swedish company that design and manufacture attractive, functional and environmentally friendly bags

The founders words

The name Irmas Fabric is a tribute to my grandmother, Irma.

She was a woman who always made wise and thoughtful purchases. She cared about quality, and also made sure to be careful about her things - which, of course, meant that they lasted a long time.

It has inspired me and is a clear contrast to the consumer society we live in.

I have always had a passion for bags, but never found a bag that fits for all occasions. Buying many bags was not an option because I would, as my grandmother, now make thoughtful choices.

I became interested in innovative, biological vegan leather and got fascinated by the fact that you can create a leather mimic material from apples.

I started working with textile professionals from Borås and soon we had the perfect bag, suitable for all occasions.

I hope you will love your Irmas Everday Tote Bag as much as I do.

- Karin Sandstedt