Join the sustainable fashion revolution

Sustainability is one of the most important aspects in the fashion industry. It's not just about using sustainable materials, but also about using methods that are good for the environment, people and animals.

Materials for a healthy future

We select materials with care for Irmas Fabric's bags. It’s important for us not to use animal leather. From the beginning we knew we wanted vegan leather, which is very common today, but many varieties unfortunately still contain high levels of plastics. However, there's now biological vegan leather that comes straight from nature, which don't have the same challenges as plastic.

In Irmas Everyday Tote Bag, we use cellulose fibers. Simply put, a residual product from the forest, i.e. what is left over in papermaking. The material is very reminiscent of leather and also durable.

We also use so-called apple skin which is a residual product from apples, left over from juice and must production.

Transparent production

We are committed to ensure that all production processes are transparent and ethical. A conscious, traceable and responsible manufacturing process with decent working conditions for the manufacturers. As a customer you can always feel safe that you make a good choice in every aspect when you shop an Irmas Everyday Tote Bag.