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Eco-friendly Coconut Bowls & Spoons Set of 4

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  • Coconut bowls by Jungle Culture are handcrafted by local artisans in rural Vietnam. Our upcycled bowls currently come in four unique sustainable patterns. Each set comes equipped with 4 beautiful natural wooden spoons, 2 bamboo straws, 2 coconut fibre straw cleaning brushes and matching natural jute straw sleeves. Perfect for a vegan smoothie bowl or a healthy buddha bowl!

    Set Contains:
    4 x Handmade Coconut Bowls
    4 x Natural Coconut Spoons
    2 x Jungle Straws
    2 x Coconut Fibre Straw Cleaning Brushes
    2 x Natural Jute Straw Pouches
    1. 100% Organic & Biodegradable
    2. Handmade from reclaimed coconuts
    3. BPA Free - No chemicals or pesticides used to grow our coconuts
    4. Each eco-friendly gift pack comes with 2 bamboo straw sets
    5. Dimensions: Bowl (W14cm x H7cm) Spoon (L19cm x W3cm)
  • Our eco-friendly coconut bowls are completely natural and organic. Putting them in the dishwasher or microwave may damage them so we recommend hand washing them with warm, soapy water.

    Your new sustainable coconut bowl set can be used to make delicious ramen bowls, healthy acai bowls, scrumptious smoothie bowls and more!

    But they do need more care than a man-made bowl so we have written a “How to clean coconut bowls” article so that your bowls will last a lot longer!
  • Our coconut bowls come from the Bên Tre region in Southern Vietnam. In Vietnam this region is famed for it's coconut farms and for years local farmers have made a living by harvesting coconuts for their milks, oils and other by-products.

    This however meant that the coconut shells were considered waste, and along with the trees they were burned every year to make room for new trees and new coconuts to grow. Coconut bowls and spoons have allowed local farmers to earn an extra, well-needed income and with etched bowls local craftsmen are also able to benefit. Buying coconut bowls also ensures that less trees and less coconuts are burned.